Student Spotlight – St. Thomas More – Class of 2016

Karlie said she plans on doing something “big” with her life. She will start her high school career in the fall of 2016 at Gross Catholic High School.

Karlie“I want to do something meaningful, like joining the police force or the army,” said Karlie. “My dad used to be a police officer and my brother and sister are both in the army.”

Having such big goals at a young age doesn’t intimidate Karlie; it motivates her to do well in school and to live her Catholic faith. She hopes to play basketball and softball at Gross, and is currently a player for the Nebraska Quakes softball team. At St. Thomas More, Karlie played basketball and volleyball and excelled in her classes. She likes math and social studies.

“I like social studies because I like hearing about how the world came to be, and the things we had to do to get here,” Karlie said.

Karlie is grateful for her Catholic education because she can express her faith without being neglected or knocked down.