A higher excellence in academics.

Shared Resources

We provide a faith-based education that places emphasis on learning while making the most of every dollar - investing in our students, teachers, communities and facilities. Our goal is to reach a 1:1 technology involvement rate in the next few years. Increasing the availability of technology affords our students new opportunities to learn that is stimulating and exciting.

Teacher Collaboration

The collaboration between our administrators and teachers is key to the success of the Consortium schools. Together educators and administrators help to make the environment for a faith-based education possible.

Innovative Learning Programs

We are dedicated to enriching the learning experience by implementing innovative learning programs including the use of technology, standardized testing, guided reading programs and a Student Assistance Team. Technology brings new, modern learning techniques and skills into the classroom. Standardized testing provides benchmarks instrumental for student growth. Guided reading courses and student assistance teams ensure every student is meeting their personalized education goals.