Get to Know: Mrs. Sarah Glover, teacher at Our Lady of Lourdes

In a continuing effort to get to know more about the students and staff who comprise our Consortium schools, we ask them to tell us more about themselves so we may grow with and pray for each other as a large school and faith community.

Learn more about Mrs. Sarah Glover, teacher at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School.

Mrs. Glover is originally from Meadow Grove, NE.

Note: Google says that’s about 2 hours 15 minutes from Omaha!

She came to OLL most recently as a teacher in Denver, CO, before moving back to Nebraska. When she’s not at school, Mrs. Glover’s hobbies include crafting, reading and playing with her own children—Levi (3.5 years old) and Noah (2 years old).

Enjoy our brief Q&A:

Q: “What is the funniest or sweetest thing a student has ever said to you?”

A: The second week of school, a student said, “Look at me, I’m smiling, in MATH class! You give me hope I can do this!”

Q: Can you share a unique or interesting fact about yourself?

A: I have a personal goal of visiting all 50 states before I turn 40 years old; I have a lot of traveling to do in the next few years!