Pre-K Catholic School student teaches her younger brother a lesson in kindness

We dare you not to say “awww” after reading this story about an Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School pre-kindergarten student.

Mrs. Ashley Jensen, pre-kindergarten teacher at the school, teaches children a lesson about “How to be a Bucket Filler” almost right away when back to school each year.

“We learn about filling others’ buckets, or using kind words and doing kind things.  It’s fun to see when the kiddos put that into action outside of our building and relate what they learn with experiences at home with others, too!” she said.

One of her students, Maggie, was playing outside with a younger brother earlier this month. The mother, watching on, could tell Maggie got angry after her little brother knocked down her dirt mountain.

Maggie’s response to her preschooler brother: “Why did you do that? You’re being a bucket dipper! Instead you should ask me, ‘may I play with you?’ and I will say ‘of course!'”

This cute story illustrates how even our littlest learners benefit from their Consortium Catholic School education.

We believe a positive early childhood education will shape a child’s attitude toward education, and we work to ensure a nurturing environment where young children can thrive.

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