Our schools are...

Nurturing. Culturally Unique. Exceptional.

Choosing a Consortium school means your child will learn how to love God, work hard and take good care of each other. In our schools, students of many abilities come together and excel in academics, as well as become faith-filled leaders in service to God and others.

Excellence in academics and character

Leading with love

We maintain a strong Catholic Identity that guides our actions. Our dedicated teachers make a difference in our students' lives both inside and outside the classrooms, raising the next generation of Omaha's community leaders.

Consortium schools grow students’ faith by educating them on Catholic teachings and how they can apply, walking with them in faith and equipping them to serve and lead according to the principles Jesus taught. Staff and students live this mission every day and welcome visitors to see these actions in person. We encourage you to visit our school's individual websites and/or in person for more on how their discipleship shines through, including examples of all-school mass, Kindness clubs, community service projects and more.

We collaborate.

The collaboration between our administrators and teachers is key to the success of the Consortium schools. We provide a faith-based education that places emphasis on learning while making the most of every dollar - investing in our students, teachers, communities and facilities.

Professional Development: Continual education of our staff is a priority. Administrators, teachers and staff from all five schools participate in the same professional development sessions throughout the year.

Student Assistant Teams (SAT): To assist students who are experiencing academic difficulties, our teams of parents, teachers and sometimes students, can help them improve. Based on shared responsibility, our teams can meet and explore possibilities and strategies that will best meet the student's individualized needs.

We innovate.

We are dedicated to enriching the learning experience by implementing innovative learning programs including the use of technology, standardized testing, guided reading programs more. Technology brings new, modern learning techniques and skills into the classroom. Standardized testing provides benchmarks instrumental for student growth. Guided reading courses and student assistance teams ensure every student is meeting their personalized education goals.

Our newer Transitional Kindergarten and Dual Language programs are meetings the needs of students all across our community.

Transitional Kindergarten is a full-day program offered at both St. Thomas More and Holy Cross

TK is a two-year kindergarten program meant to support students who are eligible for kindergarten but who have either just missed the Nebraska age guideline or are not academically and/or socially ready to be successful in a traditional kindergarten setting.

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