School reopens in person the week of August 31, 2020

We are proud to also offer a remote learning program option to families who desire it. Remote students begin September 3, 2020.

A Message from our Executive Director - April 2020

Teaching and learning looks different at our schools right now.

Living rooms have become classrooms, for both our staff and our students. Our creative teachers are recording lessons, hosting live online sessions, and providing content through email for our families. Teachers and parents are partnering even more as parents help their students navigate the work provided by our schools. As part of our blended learning initiative, our students have been using online curriculum for reading and math support during the school year; we are fortunate that they are able to continue to be challenged using those online sources. We certainly would rather have our buildings full of eager students and dedicated staff, but are making the most of this new challenge

As Catholics, we are proud to share that we have put our employees first, and we have made the decision to continue paying our hourly staff members during their time away from work. We know that this decision has had a major impact on those employees and the financial stability of their families. The continued support of those who are enrolled in and give to the Consortium has made this possible, and we extend our sincere gratitude for that generosity.

Please know of our gratitude for each of you. We recognize that this is a time of uncertainty for us all. Matthew 28:20 tells us, “I am with you always, until the end of time.” We can rest in His presence as we walk this journey. In our times of fear or uncertainty, call out His name and ask for His help in carrying the load. Know that our community is lifting you in prayer and that we are doing our very best to support our staff, students, families, and community during this time. We are praying for you, and ask for your continued prayers for the Consortium as well.

In loving service,
Chris Nelson

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