Alumna Emma Elsasser Shares her Story

My name is Emma Elsasser. I am a junior at Mercy High School and proud alumna of Holy Cross. To know a little more about me, a few things that I am involved in at Mercy include Student Council, Student Ambassadors, Dance Team, Operation Others and I also play soccer.

Before Mercy,  I attended Holy Cross since preschool. My mom and her siblings graduated from Holy Cross and it was exciting to be able to follow in their footsteps. My favorite things about Holy Cross is being a part of such a close community and getting to know everyone personally, and carrying on these relationships forever.

I really enjoyed my years in elementary school and was blessed to continue my Catholic education right across the street at Mercy. My years in Catholic school have really helped me grow in my faith and have given me a solid foundation for the tricky teenage years now, and the challenges that may face me in the future. I attended Holy Cross when the Consortium was founded and I got to see firsthand how successful the transition has been for the future of Catholic education. My plan after I graduate from Mercy is to go to college at either Marquette University or Creighton University and study biology, hoping to go into pre-Med.

This summer, I had the opportunity to attend a Mercy conference in Philadelphia with three other Mercy girls. This experience was forever life-changing and something I will not forget. In Philadelphia, we gathered together with girls from other Mercy schools across the country, along with the Sisters of Mercy representing them. We discussed our yearly mission that for which we’d be raising money. This year was the Ladato Tree Project. This means we will be focusing and raising money to plant trees across the plains of Africa. Without Mercy, this experience would not be possible.

As I become older and get ready to move on in life, there is something I will always be thankful for, and it is the education I received from Holy Cross and Mercy. A Catholic school education has an effect on so many people and it should never be something we take for granted. Thank you.

* * *

We appreciate Emma being a voice of support for our schools. We look forward to hearing more from her in the future. The future is bright! To learn more about Holy Cross in particular, visit