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First Day of School August 31

Our school leaders have consulted with the Archdiocese of Omaha Catholic Schools Office, as well as local healthcare and government officials. Our schools have plans to increase safety protocols and implement other changes to ensure student health. All six of our Omaha Catholic Schools plan to reopen this Fall for full days, five days a week. An optional remote learning program will also be offered, beginning September 3. Our plans are subject to change, but we invite you to read and respond.

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Check out our Dual Language Academy

A bilingual Catholic school for children as young as 3

Discover how our Dual Language Academy brings together native English speakers and native Spanish speakers to learn, grow and worship. Currently serving students preschool through first grade, with second grade classrooms being added for the 2020-2021 school year.

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Benefits of the Consortium


We bring together families from more than 50 zip codes. Our 1,800+ students reflect our surrounding community, as we welcome students from a variety of backgrounds.


Six Schools. One Mission. Frequent meetings between principals and Consortium office to achieve optimal student outcomes as well as financial efficiencies. Staff has access to multiple professional development opportunities.

This work is in addition to receiving the financial and spiritual support of 16 different parishes as well.


Our schools pilot archdiocesan learning initiatives like blended learning, guided reading, balanced literacy and more.

Our data-driven instructional practicesallow teacher to differentiate, or personalize, the classroom experience; Prepare children for the 21st century; increase student engagement; and help students who may struggle.

Measuring Success

We serve students in pre-school through eighth grade. Students experience a robust curriculum that includes study in traditional coursework, dual language immersion and an array of co- and extra-curricular activities, all designed to challenge our students and provide an exceptional, safe and loving learning environment. Consortium faculty and staff members also work to form students into disciples of Christ.

Enrollment Growth Since 2012
Percentage of diversity amongst students
Consortium students who receive tuition assistance

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